March 2, 2020 Monday Hour 1

An Hour Of "Single Releases"

The First Monday of the first full week of March! In the first hour just passed, “Single” releases and there were quite a few, not as many as there has been as of late, but still, enough to fill an hour! The second hour that is now underway is “Album Tacks APlenty!” Hour THREE kicks off “100% RANDOM Play” for the remainder of the week! All songs in hour THREE a surprise to you and me...some I didn’t even know, or I should say didn’t remember I had! ENJOY! The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show & Podcast...recorded and on Spotify, Tune In, Podcast Addict, Cast Box, Radio Public, and Pocket Cast, APPLE iTunes, AND Google Play Music! Follow the show on TWITTER @TMusicAuthority! Are you listening?  March 2, 2020, Monday, “Singles” Hour…
The Gold Needles - Billy Liar (Jem Records)
Dolph Chaney - 02 If I Write It Down (Big Stir Records)
Dolph Chaney - 01 - The Handling (Big Stir Records)
Dolph Chaney - 02 Automatic Caution Door (Big Stir Records)
Creem Circus - Those Shoes
Parting Lines - A6 No Looking Back [Parting Lines] (You Are the Cosmos - Record Label)
Les Grys-Grys - Milkcow Blues(State Records)
Les Grys-Grys - So Long (State Records)
Stuart Pearson - Rise And Fall
Stuart Pearson - I Spoke To The Devil About You
Slim & The Gems - Chasin' Tail [Feeling Cocky]
Drew Neely & The Heroes - Lori
Vanilla – Sentimental
Vanilla - The Call
Feed Your Wolves - 10 Lonely
KitchenKillaz (Orlando) - Elevate {Single 3.2.20}
Andy Stone- 02 - I Am the Adopted Kid [This Giant Awoke]
Pop Co-Op - 17 I'd Like That [Garden of Earthly Delights - An XTC Celebration] (Futureman Records)
Paige Beller – I’ll Be Better