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November 28, 2023, Tuesday, opening set…
The Grip Weeds - Santa Make Me Good [Under The Influence Of Christmas] (Jem Records)
Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 - Jingle Bells
Slinky & P'tit Loup - 11 Just A Little Bit [Slinky & P'tit Loup LIVE Rosco Gordon Blues]
The Small Square - Twenty-Third [Ours & Others]
Popdudes - 06 Dance With Me Tonight [Number Two]
@Lane Lines - In Gray & Blue [Message]
Perilous - 08 Band-Aid [YEAH!!!]
Drew Eckmann - 4. Smartest Girl In The World [Don’t Forget The Roll!]
The Happy Somethings - 03 The Present [Don't Mention It]
Kevin Wayne & The Retrobilleze - Pompadour Bop 11 [King Of The Beach]
The Va Va Voodoos - Idle Idol [After Dark]
The Chris Ruben Band - 02 Won’t See You [Madness On Repeat]
@The Zesty Italians - 02 Hooray [Mocean of the Otion - EP]
We Melt Chocolate - 06 Instr. #2 [Holy Gaze]
Ian M Bailey - 12 - The Moon Floats On A Cloud [We Live In Strange Times]
Odd Robot- Fake Warm Fuzzies Are Still Warm Fuzzies [Deathmates]
Every Damn Day - 05 Taken [Jettison The Pod Sparky (30th Anniversary Edition)]
Irene Peña Zeilman - 07 It Must Be Summer [Big Stir Singles - The Ninth Wave] (Big Stir Records)
Bill Lloyd (Musician) - 05 In The Wind [Look Into It]
The Brotherhood of Sonic Love - Golden Spells [Golden Spells]
John Dunbar - 02 You Really Got Meh [What A Difference A Difference Makes]
Crystal Canyon - 04 Judy Moody [Stars and Distant Light]