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Sole Of Indie Show #49…
SUPER 8 Music – TMA Opening Theme Song
Tall Poppy Syndrome - This Time Tomorrow
Andrea Gillis Band – Leave The Light On
Burr Island - Our Home
Canyons and Locusts - Buck Dharma's Eyes
Clay and Fran - Puddles Of Nothing
Elena Rogers Music - I Feel Alive [Prelude To Whatever]
Elena Rogers Music - Queen [Prelude To Whatever]
Girl with a Hawk - Good Enough [Keep 'Er Lit] (Rum Bar Records)
Irv Lyons Jr Music - Burning Love
Peter Green - The Music Authority Jingle
Little Georgie and the Shuffling Hungarians - Tear It Down [The Compendium Of Unruly Caterwauling]
Shufflepuck - Where The Hell Is She? [Generation Blue] (Big Stir Records)
The Chesterfield Kings - Meet You After Midnight (Wicked Cool Records)
Ward White – Continuity [Here Come The Dowsers]
Thrift Store Halo – One More Time [Live And Unlearn]