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March 27, 2024, Wednesday, act one…
The Cynz - Crow Haired Boys [Little Miss Lost] (Jem Records)
@Peach And Lee - 23 - Love Is On Our Side [Not For Sale 1965-1975] (koolkatmusik.com)
BABY SCREAM - Drive [Loco Club 2023]
Alice Kat - 02 Get High Feel Alive [Around The World & Back To You]
Oh Condor - 06 Mind The Gap [Emergency Psychic]
Cindy Lawson - 06 I Don't Want You Anymore [Don't Come Crying To Me] (Rum Bar Records)
Fast Eddy - No More Neon Lights [Nighttime Asylum] (Beluga Records)
@Chopper One - Touch My Fuzz (2024) [Generation Blue] (Big Stir Records)
Vince Melouney Music - 01_No Good Without You [This Is The Vince Maloney Sect]
Matt Langone And The Big Heat - Shadow Of A Doubt [Out Of The Past]
@R. E. Seraphin - 12 Jump In The River [Fool's Mate]
Wesley Fuller - 06 - Inside & Out [All Fuller No Filler] (koolkatmusik.com)
Reverend Genes - Use It Or Lose It [Time - EP]
Donald Keith Hawkins - January Two [Plummeting To The Top]
The Cruzados - 07 Flor De Mal [The Best of Cruzados] (Rum Bar Records)
Paul Collins - You Can't Go Back [Stand Back And Take A Good Look] (Jem Records)
@WiMP! - 02 Black Sheep [Black Sheep] (Rum Bar Records)
@Cherry Fez - 03 Without A Single Rhyme [The Prisoner of Gamla Stan – Honeycomb Tearoom] (Subjangle)