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March 28, 2027, Thursday, paragraph three…
Cliff Hillis - 06 Rainy Days And Mondays [White Lace and Promises- The Songs Of Paul Williams] (Curry Cuts)
Disconnected Genius - 08. Sadness Is A Primary Color
Muck and the Mires - Sunny Feeling [Greetings From Muckingham Palace] (Rum Bar Records)
The Stillsouls - Does My Love For You Come From Shakespeare Too? [Half Drunk Preacher]
Open Sound - Reason To Write  [Open Sound]
Oh Condor - 07 Long and Gone [Emergency Psychic]
Shimmer Johnson - 02 Priceless [Inner Me]
The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs - 11 Emily (feat. @Sylvain Sylvain) [All The Covers (And More)] (Rum Bar Records)
The Daylilies - Cat Inside The Window (Red on Red Records)
Vince Melouney Music - 05_I Need Your Lovin' Tonight [This Is The Vince Maloney Sect] 
Bob Fenster Music & The Windows - And I Promise [The Whole In The Pieces]
DieAlps! - 08 Stride [More Important Things]
@Propeller - 06 She's Out There [Don't Be Sorry Again]
@Go Betty Go - Keep Up (@Wiretap Records)
Beebe Gallini - 03 Open Up Your Door [East Side Story] (Rum Bar Records)
Donald Keith Hawkins - Basket Of Clichés [Plummeting To The Top]
The Muffs - Not Like Me [The Muffs]
@The Records - 10 Starry Eyes [Man With A Girlproof Heart]
Kaiser Chiefs - Thank You Very Much [Yours Truly, Angry Mob]