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April 30, 2024, Tuesday, the second turn at the roundabout…
Carnival Season - Black Velvet Elvis [Misguided Promise Carnival Season Complete 1984-1989]
Ian George - 04 Casanova [A Fair]
@Good Cop Bad Cop - 03 Mr. Misfit [Welcome To The Marble Team]
@Action City - The Longest Game [More Action City] (Michael Slawter)
@Sunbourne Rd. - 12_Random Harvest [Manners Maketh Man] ( (Alex Siodmak Music)
The Amplifier Heads - 06 Something Went Down [Songs From They Came To Rock] (Rum Bar Records)
Ray Richardson - In The Hollows Of The Night [Slack Angels]
@Rome 56 - Dry Ice [Paradise Is Free] (Think Like A Key Music)
Lolas - Staying Inside [Like The Sun]
Johnathan Pushkar - 09 Love Will Save the Day [Compositions] (Jem Records)
@The Wesleys - 02 A Lot To Lose [The Wesleys]
Dot Dash - Airwaves [Lost In An Imaginary World Of Beauty]
Steve Conte NYC - 02 Hey Hey Hey (Aren’t You The One?) [The Concrete Jangle] (Wicked Cool Records)
Ken Sharp - 03 Up In the Clouds [Welcome To Toytown]
Michael Slawter - 02 Never Win [The Plastic Years]
Richard X. Heyman - Ransom [Copious Notes]
The Lemon Clocks - I'm On The Way [New Adventures]
Brian Modafferi - D. O. A. [The Production]
@Baby Scream - Ain't No Sunshine [Loco Club 2023]
Terry Draper & Jacqueline Kroft - 09 Where Is This Love [Social Studies Atlantic Crossing - The Lost 80’s Tapes]