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April 30, 2024, Tuesday, round three…
Alice Kat - 10 Younger Life [Around The World & Back To You] (Subjangle)
Dave Cope and the Sass - 06 -  I Wish I Had A Garden [Hidden From The World] (koolkatmusik.com)
The Catenary Wires - Alone Tonight [Under The Bridge 2]
Your Academy - 10 - My Lonely Life [#2 Record] (koolkatmusik.com)
Johnathan Pushkar - 04 Making Plans [Compositions] (Jem Records)
@Minnows - 01 Buried Needles [Foreign Moon]
Marc Valentine - 07 - Strange Weather [Basement Sparks] (Wicked Cool Records)
The Cynz - Little Miss Lost [Little Miss Lost] (Jem Records)
Richard X. Heyman - Nearly There [Copious Notes]
@Peach And Lee - 12 - Help Yourself [Not For Sale 1965-1975] (koolkatmusik.com)
@Fast Eddy - Spirit Commander [Nighttime Asylum] (Beluga Records)
Ozma - No One Needs To Know [Generation Blue] (Big Stir Records)
Cindy Lawson - I Don't Want You Anymore [Don't Come Crying To Me] (Rum Bar Records)
@Sunbourne Rd. - 18_Landscape Fantasy [Manners Maketh Man] (koolkatmusik.com) (Alex Siodmak Music)
Matt Langone And The Big Heat - Judgement Day [Out Of The Past]
@R. E. Seraphin - 02 Argument Stand [Fool's Mate] 
Little Georgie and the Shuffling Hungarians - Thank U Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again [Roll Up The Rugs And Crank It]