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May1, 2024, Wednesday…act two…
@Pop Co-Op - Misfits
Danny Wilkerson - 30 Where Did the Ordinary People Go [Garden of Earthly Delights – A Celebration Of XTC] (@Futureman Records)
@This Perfect Day - I'm In Love
Jamie Hoover - Battle Scars (@Loaded Goat Records)
Johnathan Pushkar - 02 Gonna Be Alright [Compositions] (@Jem Records)
Little Georgie and the Shuffling Hungarians - Tear It Down [The Compendium Of Unruly Caterwauling]
Orbis 2.0 - You Know What You're Doing
Elena Rogers - Goodbye Neighbor [Prelude To Whatever] (Gilda Music Publishing)
Richard X. Heyman - Sink Or Swim [Copious Notes]
Lynda Mandolyn - Billet Doux
@The Speedways - 04 Kisses Are History [Radio Sounds] (Beluga Records)
Rich Williams - Last Call [Ordinary Person]
@Vance or Towers - 06 Presence of Her Absence
@Sunbourne Rd. - 13_By Any Means by You [Manners Maketh Man] (koolkatmusik.com) (Alex Siodmak)
@Shanda & The Howlers - 17 Won't Be Back No More [After School Special- Second Semester] (Rum Bar Records)
The Sirens – Closed Till Further Notice
@Bob of the Pops - 05 Bathroom Wall