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Pop Radio UK Show #291…
SUPER 8 Music – TMA Opening Theme Song
Jake Andrews - I Don't Need You Now
Seprona - Take The Bait
Liz Borden - Some Peoples Kids (Code 213 Records)
wht.rbbt.obj - Dirty Love [Romeo Bravo Bravo Tango]
@Peter Green – TMA Jingle
@HammeredSaint - City People
Lexi James - Girls Can
@Elephants From Neptune - Straight Shooter
@Headless - Bored
Dan Washburn Group - With My Blessing
@LPMC - Lonely Boy
Nolan Voide - The Music Authority Jingle
@Happy As You Like - (You've Got You) In A Mood 
@Holly Hannigan - The Smile
Soda Blonde - Why Die For Danzig?
@Hazy Sundays – Collide
Phil Ireland - Coming Alive
Hang Wire – This Fun Machine