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Pop Radio UK Show #293…
SUPER 8 Music – TMA Opening Theme Song
The Mags - When I Get Home
Jerry Folk - Heart
Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin With Pedro Sjostedt of Muck And The Mires - In The Canebrake
@Early Autumn Station - Yellow Gummy Bears
@Small Black Arrows - Trojan Horse
Susan SurfTone - Everybody Knows
Susan SurfTone - Try Too Hard
Susan SurfTone - Glad All Over
Grant Lindberg- In My Own Way
@Wilding - Whatever I Am, I Am
Jim Vitale Music - America's Road
Jim Vitale Music – You Can’t Let Me Down
@LPMC - Lonely Boy
@Peter Green – TMA Jingle
The Wynotts - Hey, Sharon [Way Back Now] (Rum Bar Records)
The Midnight Callers - Jumping Jack Flash [Jem Records Celebrates Jagger & Richards] (Jem Records)
@Side Play - Hit The Road Mac (Joe DelVecchio)
@Billy O & @P.D. Wohl - Hit Parade
Hungrytown - Tuesday Sun [Circus For Sale] (Big Stir Records)
Phil Ireland – Coming Alive