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June 6, 2024, Thursday, track two…
@Baby Scream - Ain't No Sunshine [Loco Club 2023]
Alice Kat - 04 Sun Goes Down [Around The World & Back To You] (Subjangle)
Cindy Lawson - 06 I Don't Want You Anymore [Don't Come Crying To Me] (Rum Bar Records)
@Fast Eddy – Steppin’ Stone [Nighttime Asylum] (Beluga Records)
@11 AM Radio - Hush [Generation Blue] (Big Stir Records)
@Cowbell - Be My Man [Waiting For Yesterday] (Damaged Goods Records)
Matt Langone And The Big Heat - Big Clock [Out Of The Past]
@R. E. Seraphin - 10 Somnia [Fool's Mate]
Wesley Fuller - 08 - Counting Down The Days [All Fuller No Filler] (
@Reverend Genes - It's Not Enough [Time - EP]
All Over The Shop - 01 Rainy Downtown [Every Ounce Of Energy]
The Cruzados - 04 The House That Love Built [The Best of Cruzados] (Rum Bar Records)
Paul Collins - That's When I Think Of You [Stand Back And Take A Good Look] (Jem Records)
@Sorry Monks - 01 Girlfriend [Girlfriend - EP] (Subjangle)
Lannie Flowers - 01 In Time (Rails Version) [SpyderPop Records Starter Kit] (Big Stir Records)
Handsome Jack - 03 She Don’t Know How To Rock and Roll [A Good Thing]
John Howard - 11 - Tip of Your Shoe [Single Return]
Cherry Fez - Superexcited