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June 7, 2024, Friday, act one…
Monday's Mona Lisa - Want To Be [Who I Want to Be – EP]
Papa Schmapa - You [What You Gonna Do - EP]
SoulBird - Pretty Horses [Velvet Blues]
Nolan Voide - Surfing To Jamaica [Gnarley Wave Volume 1] (Bongo Boy Records)
Jerry Woods - She's A Dream [Love's Labour's Loosed - A Co-Op Communique Flash Compilation]
@Cowbell - Garage Flowers [Waiting For Yesterday] (Damaged Goods Records)
Kyle Vincent - I Used to Love The Girl
Bill Lloyd (Musician) - The World Turns Her All Around [Full Circle: A Tribute To Gene Clark]
The Ex Teens - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better [Big Stir Singles The First Wave] (Big Stir Records)
Joe Strummer And The Mezcaleros - The Road To Rock 'N' Roll [Rock Art And The X-Ray Style]
All Over The Shop - 01 Movin' Too Slow [All Over The Shop]
Eytan Mirsky - 08 I'm Losing You [Year of the Mouse]
The Sun Sawed in 1/2 - 04 Me, Myself & Eye [Bewilderbeest]
The Jigsaw Seen - 01. The Best Is Yet To Come [For The Discriminating Completist]
Chris Church - 08 Too Deep [Backwards Compatible] (Big Stir Records) (SpyderPop Records)
@The re-Used Electrics - 15 Pills [SpyderPop Records Starter Kit] (Big Stir Records)
The Bangles - Something To Believe In [Everything]
THE 905s - 06 - Low [Sub Zero]
The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace With God [If I Should Fall From Grace With God]
@Vanilla – Perfect Year [IPO Vol 18] (Jayson Jarmon)