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June 7, 2024, Friday, what do you have this weekend?  Me, fixing four broken sprinkler heads…AND auditioning NEXT week’s single releases…
The Lemon Twigs - How Lucky Am I? [Do Hollywood]
HAIM - Summer Girl [Women In Music Part III]
@Simon Linstead - Morning in December [The Fool]
@Jane Vs World - B-Grade Lisa Loeb [It's Always Summer At Popboomerang Records] (Popboomerang Records)
Toad the Wet Sprocket - Before You Were Born [Fear]
Lannie Flowers - 05 Best I Can [SpyderPop Records Starter Kit] (Big Stir Records)
Coke Belda Music - 06 Mr. Natural [Coke Belda 3 (Gs) - A Tribute to the Bee Gees] (Futureman Records)
@The Dodgers - 10 Anytime [Love On The Rebound]
@Hudson Brothers - 17 Lonely School Year [Ba Fa]
@Cowbell - Moving On [Waiting For Yesterday] (Damaged Goods Records)
Wolfcandy - Pretty Pictures [Speakeasy]
Joel Boyea - 07 Until It's Too Late [Here Again, And Lost]
28IF The Band - Hold Tight (Ray Paul)
Golden Richards - The Band - 02 - C'mon C'mon The Makeout Song (Big Blast Records)
All Over The Shop - 02 If That's Magic [All Over The Shop]
Brent Seavers - 10_I Wrote a Song [BS Stands for Brent Seavers] (
Richie Mayer - 04 How Can I Leave When I'm Already Gone [The Inn of Temporary Happiness]
Telquist - Fun [Wild-Haired]
@Side Play - Faith And Kindness (Joe DelVecchio)