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June 11, 2024, Tuesday, book one…
@Broken Hearts Are Blue - 02 - Getn Over My Sassy Self [The Truth About Love]
Muck and the Mires - 06 Hey Sunshine [Zoom Breakup] (Rum Bar Records)
Lifesigns- 02 Gregarious [Altitude]
John Larson and the Silver Fields - 06 I Don't Wanna Go Back [Constellation Prize]
The Hollywood Stars - 04 I Had A Girlfriend [Starstruck] (Rum Bar Records)
Richie Mayer - 04 How Can I Leave When I'm Already Gone [The Inn of Temporary Happiness]
SUPER 8 Music - Just Me & You [Retro Metro] (Think Like A Key Music)
@Pantomime Horses - 06 The Figure Skater [Forever Polyester] (Subjangle)
@Marcel Wave - 03 Something Looming [Something Looming]
The Dogmatics - 07 I Love Rock and Roll [Dogumentary Bundle] (Rum Bar Records)
The YUM YUMs - 05 Whole Lotta Kissin' [Poppin' Up Again] (Rum Bar Records)
Telquist - 5. Fun [Wild Haired]
@Valley Lodge - 06 - After School [Shadows In Paradise] (koolkatmusik.com)
Ward White - Slow Sickness [Here Come The Dowsers] (Think Like A Key Music)
The Wynotts - 01 Antidote [Way Back Now] (Rum Bar Records)
The Woggles - Hole In My Heart [Time Has Come] (Wicked Cool Records)
The Well Wishers - Get Along [Just So You Know]
Brent Seavers - 10_I Wrote a Song [BS Stands for Brent Seavers] (koolkatmusik.com)
The Strange Encounters - 07 They Keep Walking On By [All in The Mind (Subjangle)
The Second Summer - 06 - Bad Feeling [Undertow] (koolkatmusik.com)
The Happy Somethings & @Slovenly Boy - 05 One Step Away (awake version) [Pop Goes The Bubblegum EP]
Kingdom of Mustang - 13 - The Wrong Plane Home [Glad Days] (koolkatmusik.com)